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Big Cheese Advanced Pest Repeller Combines ultra-sound and electromagnetic action Safe for use around children and pets such as cats and dogs Enhanced pest repeller plugs directly into power sockets Does not adversely affect electrical wiring or interfere with domestic appliances
Big Cheese Anti Mouse Battery Powered Mouse Repellent | Stv820 Welfare-friendly deterrent Low battery indicator Battery-powered Single space treatment Portable sonic repeller
Mouse Repellent Plug-in Advanced Ultrasonic Technology Poison-free Pest Control Child & Pet-Safe Guarantee: 2 years
The Big Cheese Catch & Kill Quick Click mouse trap 3Pk - STV147 has a one touch design makes it easier to set than traditional traps and also allows quick and easy disposal of captured mice. Baited and ready-to-use. Double the snap and holding power Entry level value pack H: 19cm W: 20cm D: 5cm
Mouse and rat bait station refills: 6x 20 g ready to use bait blocks target mice and rats in one feed; fast acting and effective poison Versatile use: Suitable for use indoors in the home or outdoors around buildings such as garden sheds, outbuildings, garages or greenhouses poison block baits are ideal for use in The Big Cheese Ultra Power Block Bait2 Rodent Killer Kit (STV566, sold separately). By law, these bait blocks must be used in a tamper-resistant bait station Tested and proven: Block bait killer refills are tested and proven to kill rats and mice - quick results guaranteed Contains Brodifacoum
The Big Cheese Ultra Power Block Bait form mouse killer kit - STV565 is a corner-fit bait station for mice with clear inspection lid. Fast acting bait which kills mice in one feed. Use indoors and around buildings. It comes supplied with 5 x 20g brodifacoum blocks. Refillable mouse bait station. Tamper-resistant design protects children and pets from contact with bait. Supplied with 5 x 20g Brodifacoum blocks H: 21.5cm W: 15cm D: 7cm