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Outdoor Lighting

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Automatically adjusts brightness according to the amount of daylight received during the day, to provide light all year round.
Suitable for placement on your garden fence, wall or posts, these 4 super bright solar-powered lights are completely mains and wire-free. Perfect for patios, garages, and sheds, these lights will brighten up your garden on dark evenings, turning your garden into a space that you can use all year round.
This garden solar light is in the shape large garden rock made from a durable hard-wearing resin material. It has a solar panel on the back that collects energy during daylight hours and a sensor that activates the light once it gets dark.
These garden solar lights in the shape large garden rock are made from a durable hard wearing resin material. They have a solar panel on the back which collects energy during daylight hours and is sensor that activates the light once it gets dark.
Realistic flaming effect. Remains totally safe and cool to the touch Ideal for decorating shrubs, trellis, parasols and doorways.
Martello Solar Stake Lights are a decorative and functional way to illuminate any part of your garden during the night.
Perfect for entertaining, outdoor dining and parties. Create the perfect ambient light display in bushes, trees, parasols, or gazebos.
The Smart Solar Eureka Solar Lightbulb will enhance your garden. These stylish lights come with their own crocodile clip making them easy to attach to trees or fences. Within each lightbulb are 4 white LEDs that are solar powered, so no need for wiring and automatically illuminate at night. Crocodile clip for attaching to trees or fences Charges in direct sunlight Automatically turns on at night
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The Smart Solar Classic Majestic Stake Lights - 5pk are perfect for decorating borders, pathways and planters. The crackle-glass ball sits atop a stainless steel post, each with an integrated ground stake. The high-efficiency LEDs emit 1 lumen of light, powered by solar energy, so no need for wires. Solar powered; no need for additional wires Each light emits 1 lumen output. High-efficiency LED illumination Dimensions: Height/Length: 47cm Width: 10cm Depth: 10cm