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The tripod ladder is a highly specialised ladder engineered for orchard and landscaping work such as hedge trimming, pruning, training and fruit harvest operations. The single extendable back leg provides relatively stable support on uneven terrain. The tripod ladder is manufactured from aluminium and the rungs are textured to reduce slippage, it has a wide back for stability and is also fitted with a self-locking hinge for extra safety and a tool tray. The tripod ladder is designed to be positioned by hand for maximum safety, allowing the user to precisely position the ladder to avoid holes or other hazards. The back of the ladder should be faced towards the tree or hedge centre. The top of the ladder should not be used as a step. Steps: Height: 6 1.90m 8 2.43m 10 2.97m
The Stradbally ladders aluminium extension ladder - 20ft is an extremely sturdy, strong and well designed ladder. The aluminium body makes it lightweight to move. Sturdy & strong aluminium body Extended height of 20ft Double extension
Highlands Step Ladder FEATURES: 4 Step ladder. Metal footplate with rubber tread. LOAD CAPACITY: 150kg
Highlands Step Ladder FEATURES: 4 Step ladder. Metal footplate with rubber tread. LOAD CAPACITY: 150kg
The Hailo Aluminium Triple Combination Ladder - S40 is a sturdy and professional multifunction ladder that can be used in five different combinations. It can be used as a single, double or triple lean-to ladder, an extension ladder, or a free standing ladder with double rails. Its aluminium construction means it is lightweight and easy to handle while robust and durable. It has an easy-grip upright profile, black tear resistant belts, and crosspiece feet with ribbed non-slip surfaces. It is ideal for one-handed use. Features include a galvanised locking hook with a spring-supported safety hook. Its maximum load capacity is 150kg. 5 combinations Tear-resistant tension belts Suitable for professional use Crosspiece non-slip feet
Adjustable giving 17"-24" clearance Makes access for guttering and window cleaning much easier Complete with bucket hook Detachable Over 1m span Quick and easy to fit
Fits any roof rack Quick and easy to fit Corrosion resistant Weight - 2.5kg
Easy storage of ladder Lockable