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Using the combination of HRD camera and AI smarts, Worx Landroid Vision doesn’t need a boundary wire to stay within the lawn. This means zero installation work for you and zero hassle with broken wires. Its advanced neural network processes information and makes decisions at 0.05 seconds pace. This results in superior obstacle avoidance and extra safety for pets, wildlife and humans. Vision is future-proof: thanks to Over-the-Air software updates, it continuously gets upgraded to the state-of-the-art in AI. As all Landroid robot mowers, Vision is packed with features, including the Cut-to-Edge function, multi-zone management and adaptive auto-schedule. The optional LED headlight allows for safe mowing at night: unlike conventional robots, Vision sees nocturnal animals and stays away from them. Landroid Vision is part of the expanding Worx PowerShare, one of the most versatile cordless platforms that covers power tools, lawn and garden tools and everyday life products. Zero boundary wire installation: no boundary wire installation and maintenance process By AI intelligence and neural network technology, Landroid Vision can safely avoid obstacles in advance, not by bumping it Multi-Zone programming: Perfectly manage multi area lawns Dimensions: Height: 325mm Length: 763mm Width: 567mm
It has the versatility to change between jobs with just the flip of a switch. When used as a blower, its air speed of 335 km/h is strong enough to clear away wet leaves and other heavy debris. The adjustable air regulator allows you to reduce airflow when working around delicate plants and preventing dust ups. Flip the switch to vacuum mode with its all-metal impeller, and the Trivac turns mounds of dry leaves into mulch in minutes, perfect for compost piles or ground cover. The amazing 16 to 1 mulch ratio makes quick work of large jobs. The electric motor runs at about 70 decibels and makes an efficient alternative to petrol-powered tools. The WG505E TriVac now provides an increased mulching ratio of 16:1 The WG505E TriVac now provides an increased mulching ratio of 16:1 It makes an efficient alternative to petrol-powered tools. At about 70 decibels, significantly reducing noise pollution without emissions Dimensions: Height: 205mm Length: 910mm Width: 515mm