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STV The Big Cheese Baited RTU Traditional Rat Trap This Big Cheese rat trap features a more powerful spring mechanism guaranteeing a quick kill. The rat trap has an expanded pedal that allows for a bigger surface area once again helping reduce the risk of rats getting away. Features: Powerful spring mechanism Expanded bait pedal for enhanced catch Indoor and outdoor Dual settings firm and fine
The Luna Rat Trap is a traditional wooden rat trap with a raised platform that allows for clean and quick trapping. It is ideal for maximum rodent control and for those who do not want to use poison. Wooden rat trap Raised platform Easy disposal
The Big Cheese Multi-Catch Rat Trap - Cage Catches up to 5 rats at a single setting Self setting mechanism with repeated entrance re-set Galvanised mesh with machine finish for durability without hazardous sharp edges Fully assembled and ready to use