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Plumbing and Heating

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Dimplex Optiflame Wall Mounted Electric Fire SP16E Stunning contemporary Optiflame fire designed for wall mounting. Comes with a remote control to allow ease of use. The SP16 wall fire is extra wide to create a big impression, it features: 2kW fan heater Remote control Black finish LED lighting
Prism linear electric fireplaces make a sparkling addition to your wall. Literally, since its flames arise from a bed of diamond-like decoration which can be illuminated in many colors, to suit your mood. With its remote control and a powerful and efficient fan-forced heater, this fireplace adds comfort and ambiance to any space. Plugged in or hard-wired, hung on the wall or built-in; the Dimplex Prism is beautifully versatile, with a choice of three different widths.
The Sterling Electric Fire Stove Grey - 2kw will add a touch of elegance and warmth into your home. Boasting 2 heat settings of 1000w and 2000w, this fire stove heater effectively warms your home in moments. The realistic LED log flame effect injects a wealth of elegance into your home whilst the adjustable thermostat, adjustable brightness and flame dimmer allow you to set the heater to suit your preference. Realistic LED log flame effect with adjustable brightness 2 heat settings of 1000w and 2000w to suit your preference Adjustable thermostat and flame dimmer Dimensions: Height/Length: 540mm Width: 280mm Depth: 450mm
The Sirocco Dual Fan Heater - 2Kw has two heat settings of 1Kw and 2kw. It can be positioned flat or vertically. There is an adjustable thermostat control, and an overheat safety cut out for extra protection. There is also a cool air flow function for use during warm weather. 2 heat settings -1Kw and 2Kw Can be positioned flat or vertically Adjustable thermostat control and overheat safety cut out protection H: 25cm W: 25.5cm D: 12.5cm Height: 25cm Width: 255cm Depth: 125cm Weight: 1.3kg
The Sirocco Convector Heater - 2KW has three heat settings (750W, 1.25kW and 2kW). It has a thermostat for automatic temperature adjustment, and overheat safety cut out for extra protection. It is free standing. 3 heat settings -750W, 1.25Kw, and 2Kw Thermostat for automatic temperature adjustment Built-in safety overheat protection H: 37.8cm W: 53cm D: 20cm Height: 378cm Width: 53cm Depth: 20cm Weight: 2.3kg
De Vielle Luxury Rechargeable Electric Hot Water Bottle - Pink |Dev964354 New generation hot water bottle Stays warm for hours Extremely safe and reusable Width: 70cm Color: Pink
The Stanley Oisin Non Boiler Stove Matt Black - 6.4 kW is a solid fuel stove which offers a high heat output of 6.4kW and great heat efficiency of 81.5%. Its compact design ensures that it will fit easily into your home and is ideal for small rooms. Max 6.4Kw of heat to the room External air supply kit as optional extra for new builds Controllable heat output H: 53.5cm W: 40.8cm D: 41.5cm Height: 535mm Width: 408mm Depth: 415mm Weight: 74kg
DEVIELLE 4.2kW Portable Gas Cabinet Heater This portable space heater features 3 heat settings with easy to use controls to operate and change these temperatures. It comes with ceramic heating plates and the built-in ignition button means there is no difficulty getting the heater started. This product is ideal for use in commercial or personal use where heating a large space is necessary. The BB-PG150 has a high thermal efficiency which means that this heater works better at higher temperatures as indicated by the gas consumption rate in relation to the power being used. This heater is easily moved around with the sturdy wheels/casters used to make this gas cabinet heater portable. The BB-PG150 also has an anti-tilt safety system which will turn off the heater if it is knocked or falls over ensure that no fire damage is caused to the unit or to the surrounding area. Main Features: 3 heat settings Requires Butane Gas (no supplied) Ceramic Heating Plates Built-in ignition button Anti tilt safety system Castors for easy movement High Thermal efficiency