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The WORX Cordless Grass Trimmer is a 2-in-1 garden tool for maintaining lawn edges thanks to the flexible ability to convert it from grass trimmer to edge trimmer in seconds. Its AutoFeed™ mechanism delivers fresh line at every start. With a longer running time plus its 25cm cutting diameter this tool will meet all your garden needs. The Power Share battery platform this will allow you to interchange your batteries with your other 20V WORX tools.
1.8M X 97MM X 97MM deck post made from imported pressure treated timber, it has eased corners and a decorative top. Also available in 1.2m, 1.5m and 2.4m. DKP18
Mouse Repellent Plug-in Advanced Ultrasonic Technology Poison-free Pest Control Child & Pet-Safe Guarantee: 2 years
The Birdy Wild Bird Peanut Tub - 5kg contains high protein, oil rich shelled whole peanuts. This peanut food will help attract wild birds such as greenfinches, sparrows, nuthatches, great spotted woodpeckers, siskins and other species. Suitable for use in peanut feeders. Pallet Qty 75. Aflatoxin certified Rich in oils and fats 100% Natural Dimensions: Height/Length: 221mm Width: 270mm Depth: 270mm
.9m pressure treated spindles, planed imported timber with eased edges. Also available in 3.6m lengths.
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Maxi store ideal for fuel and garden storage
The Di Martino Rosy Backpack Sprayer - 22 Litre is a portable back-pack sprayer with a pumping element in nyplen . This product is ENAMA certified and comes with a 3 year guarantee Portable back-pack sprayer Adjustable nozzle High spaying performance UNI EN ISO 19932 and TUV certified
Roundup Natural No Glyphosate Ready to Use Weed Control - 3L gives visible results in just one hour and dead weeds within 24 hours so you are ready to replant or reseed the next day after use. The 100% natural active ingredient starts to work immediately and is rain fast in 3 hours.
Decorative stone is perfect when creating informal garden paths, separating landscaped areas or simply adding colour. There's no need to "square off" patios when you can use decorative stone to create a relaxed and informal feel to the space. Benefits - Available individually - Easy to use - Gives you the ability to create a unique feature in your garden