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1.2m round top fence board, planed and pressure treated. Also available in 1.5m and 1.8m. RTB125
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5.4m 150x35mm pressure treated imported timber decking boards. Double sided, coarse rib on one side, fine ribbed on the reverse. DK516
STV The Big Cheese Baited RTU Traditional Rat Trap This Big Cheese rat trap features a more powerful spring mechanism guaranteeing a quick kill. The rat trap has an expanded pedal that allows for a bigger surface area once again helping reduce the risk of rats getting away. Features: Powerful spring mechanism Expanded bait pedal for enhanced catch Indoor and outdoor Dual settings firm and fine
Birdy Wild Bird Seed Mix - 5kg is a great value seed mix that will attract a wide variety of wild birds to your garden all year round. The seed mix contains a nutritious blend of sunflower seeds, oats, maize and wheat. Suitable for use in a seed feeder, bird table or scattered on the ground. Pallet Qty 75 High in protein and unsaturated fats Attracts a wide variety of wild garden birds e.g. Blue Tits, Greenfinches and Robins 5kg resealable bucket Dimensions: Height/Length: 221mm Width: 270mm Depth: 270mm
This decorative stone measuring 20mm and sold in a 1 ton bag is ideal for driveways, paths, gardens, water features and memorials. The soft gold colour give a clean, natural finish around your garden paths and features. The soft gold colour will complement any garden feature or flower bed that it is used with. The stone which is produced in Ireland is highly resistant to crushing and wear but also has a high silica content. The lime free washed stone will improve soil structure when incorporated into the soil.
The Green Blade Garden Dump Cart - 60ltr can transport a variety of loads such as soils, plants, timber, pebbles, tools and more. It is made from an ultra durable and rust resistant material that can hold up to 270kg worth of materials. It is built with a unique dumping function; simply pull the spring loaded dumper release locking handle and you can tip the bed up to 85 degrees. Additionally, the cart features a sturdy D shaped handle for good grip and effortless handling.
The Di Martino Lady 7 Pressure Sprayer is a 7 litre sprayer suitable for general garden use . This product is ENAMA certified and comes with a 3 year guarantee. Equipped with different nozzles Adjustable nozzle Various jets UNI EN ISO 19932 and TUV certified
Round Up Ready to Use Weedkiller - 1 Litre is a multi-purpose weed killer for use on unwanted vegetation and covers up to 1,000m². Absorbed by the leaves, it moves throughout the entire plant, above and below ground, to destroy annual and deep rooted perennial weeds, including grasses, dandelions, docks, bindweed and thistles. It is inactivated immediately on contact with soil and is then broken down by soil micro-organisms, to allow replanting.
Timber log store manufactured from fully pressure treated imported. Shiplap roof and sides and spaced boards at back allows air to circulate. Dimensions: 1.735m W x 1.52m H x 0.6m D Supplied as pre-cut flat-pack with fixings.