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3.9m 125x32mm pressure treated imported timber decking boards. Double sided, coarse rib on one side, fine ribbed on the reverse. DK395
Big Cheese Anti Mouse Battery Powered Mouse Repellent | Stv820 Welfare-friendly deterrent Low battery indicator Battery-powered Single space treatment Portable sonic repeller
Birdy Wild Bird Fat Balls - 50pce Tub contains high quality fat balls made from human grade suet, resulting in a high energy food which will help attract wild birds such as greenfinches, sparrows, nuthatches, great spotted woodpeckers, siskins and other species. Suitable for use in suet feeders. Pallet Qty 80 A high energy suet, cereal and seed mix Suitable for use on bird tables and ground feeding Packed in a resealable plastic tub Dimensions: Height/Length: 221mm Width: 270mm Depth: 270mm
Heavy duty galvanised wheelbarrow
The water pump filters out suspended solids from the dirty water making it ideal for draining out inspection pits, ditches and footings. Manufactured with a thermal overload protection device, which ensures the motor doesn’t burn out and fixed with a float switch that automatically turns off the waterpump when the water level has dropped below a specific set height. Fitted with approximately 10M of cable for extra flexibility of use.
We recommend the 14mm size for use on driveways. Glenview Lite Gold Maxi bag covers approximately 12-15sq metres
Portable & lightweight Easy & safe operation with self igniting piezo system. Adjustable flame, economical to use. Tempertaure up to 1300 C, heat blast permanently detroys plant cell structure. Ergonomoic handle design
The Kärcher K2 Compact pressure washer is lightweight and can tackle any outdoor cleaning task. Whether you're looking to gently clean delicate paintwork on your car, or need to remove stubborn dirt from a hard surface, the K2 Compact is up to the task. The unit is compact enough to be stored in a shed or transported in the boot of the car. The K2 Compact is easy to carry and use, with the cables, hose and accessories all storing neatly on the machine. The K2 Compact pressure washer comes with a trigger gun, a one-way lance and a dirt blaster lance that delivers outstanding cleaning performance. There’s also a 4m high pressure hose to give you plenty of reach, and a detergent suction feature for easy application of detergent while you're cleaning. The plastic casing is impact-resistant and durable, with all components and fixings designed to the highest Kärcher quality standards.
1.2m round top fence board, planed and pressure treated. Also available in 1.5m and 1.8m. RTB125
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