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Fencing and Landscaping

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Goose Neck gate 2.4m x 1.2m manufactured from high quality kiln dried imported timber. Constructed using traditional mortice and tenon joints and stainless steel fixings. Gates can be made to a maximum of 4.2m. GTP8G
Durable woven HDPE (High Density Polyethelyne) netting for the containment of falling debris. Dimensions: Height/Length: 50m Width: 2m
Durable woven HDPE (High Density Polyethelyne) netting for the containment of falling debris. Dimensions: Height/Length: 50m Width: 1m
Enrich Progrow Progrow is a premium quality topsoil ideal for planters and raised beds. It is produced by blending screened topsoil, Enrich Compost and horticultural grit. This peat free mix has been finely screened to remove any large stones. It is also suited for use on new lawn areas. Key benefits of using Enrich Progrow Topsoil Premixed with Enrich Compost which slowly releases essential plant nutrients Increases active organic matter which is essential for soil health Increases root development in plants Provides a food source for beneficial micro-organisms High quality soil mix Finely screened Peat free Available all year round
Dewalt Self Levelling 2 Line Laser Durable, over-molded housing with a 1-meter drop rating Patented integrated magnetic bracket Water and debris resistant with an IP54 rating It can achieve up to a 165 ft. range when used with a detector. Sold separately. Housed in a durable storage case. +/- 1/8 in. accuracy at 30 ft. 1/4 in. - 20 thread mount for use with a tripod. Sold separately.
Whitewood scaffolding planks (BS2482). Dimensions: Height: 63mm Length: 2420mm Width: 225mm
Features: Used for both above and below-ground structures Can be used in extreme temperatures and weather conditions Premium grade cement which meets industry standards A high-strength cement made with superior ingredients and carefully tested to ensure the highest quality. Its formula provides excellent workability and finish, and it is suitable for projects ranging from bricklaying and blockwork to stonework and tiling. The cement has a low shrinkage rate and is resistant to cracking, making it an ideal choice for all types of construction.
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Bartoline Creocote is an oil-based wood treatment, effective when applied to exterior timbers. Its oil-based properties provide excellent surface water repellence, improve grain definition and restrict weather damage. Supplied in both traditional light and dark brown shades. Application: Rough cut exterior timbers such as garden sheds, fences and trellis work. For timbers being set in the ground, apply Bartoline Bitcote Bitumen Paint to protect against groundwater saturation. Coverage: 1 Litre will cover 6 – 8 square meters depending upon texture and porosity of the timber to be treated.