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The universal garden tidy is the 3-1 solution for efficiently clearing garden debris. This versatile ProSilence gardening tool reduces the sound level by up to 75%, producing an exceptionally low noise level of 99 db. Blowing, vacuuming, shredding - switching between modes is fast and easy. Quick release bag features moisture repellent dirt deflectors. Small, light and ergonomic with excellent maneuverability around the garden.
The Pro-Plus Petrol Blow Vac is a highly effective combination of leaf blower / vacuum / shredder that provides home, estate, leisure and amenity users with a versatile machine. It’s ideal for blowing, collecting and shredding leaves and other light, loose garden debris to suit individual requirements. It’s also ideal for clearing cut grass. This leaf blower is supplied with a single over-shoulder support harness for vacuuming operations. Changing the machine to shredder / vacuum mode is simple, requiring only the removal of the blower nozzle and the fitting of the debris pick up tube, material delivery pipe and 30 litre collection bag. Perfect for all your heavy duty DIY jobs around the garden.
It has the versatility to change between jobs with just the flip of a switch. When used as a blower, its air speed of 335 km/h is strong enough to clear away wet leaves and other heavy debris. The adjustable air regulator allows you to reduce airflow when working around delicate plants and preventing dust ups. Flip the switch to vacuum mode with its all-metal impeller, and the Trivac turns mounds of dry leaves into mulch in minutes, perfect for compost piles or ground cover. The amazing 16 to 1 mulch ratio makes quick work of large jobs. The electric motor runs at about 70 decibels and makes an efficient alternative to petrol-powered tools. The WG505E TriVac now provides an increased mulching ratio of 16:1 The WG505E TriVac now provides an increased mulching ratio of 16:1 It makes an efficient alternative to petrol-powered tools. At about 70 decibels, significantly reducing noise pollution without emissions Dimensions: Height: 205mm Length: 910mm Width: 515mm
Cordless Blower features a two-speed control function with light duty cleaning to full leaf removal on any type of surface. With the turbine technology, the cordless blower moves from hard surface sweeping tools to full blown garden work tools. These tools are light weight, ergonomic and powerful Delivers forceful, high air volume sweeping ,mowing, to pilling up those leaves. Blows up to 600m³/h high-capacity air volume. Features a hyper-stream air nozzle. Lightweight 2.0kg, Worx Turbine Blower is perfect for one hand operation. Dimensions: Height/Length: 436mm Width: 215mm Depth: 266mm